Forge, Battle, Avenge!
Forge mighty weapons and strike down your enemies
Game Backstory

Reaching back further than memory itself, this was a peaceful land.

Long ago, a grand warrior lineage turned from war to craftsmanship, forging weapons as works of sublime art, instead of cold tools of death.

But out of peace, evil men arose, minds twisted by a desire for chaos. Their leader, Lord Vandhar, seized the legendary Eikpyrra, and took the king's head as an ornament for his blade.

Vandhar raised vast armies, their first blood oath: to seek out and murder the brotherhood of swordsmiths who created Eikpyrra. No weapon of such power would be made again.

Only one Eikpyrra smith survived. He vowed to reclaim the pride of his lineage, the symbol of a once-great kingdom. With his hammer, his forge, and a thirst for revenge, he would become more than a swordsmith.

Like an ingot of iron, he would be... FORGED IN BATTLE.

Game Description
  • Hone your forging abilities with five mini-games that make you feel like a true swordsmith
  • With your forged weapons, battle Lord Vandhar’s evil forces
  • Unleash apocalyptic battalion attacks to decimate your enemies
  • Gather resources throughout five unique battlefields and later use for improving your weapons’ effectiveness
  • Forged in Battle: Man at Arms is based on the hit web series, Man at Arms: Reforged